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About Cartoonista

Web reference for the funny & serious things of life. Yeah ok... but what does it mean exactly?

Cartoonista is a collection of the best (in our opinion) funny & serious websites and resources on the web.

Each category is divided into two sections: funny (or at least published with this intent) and serious (or at least not intentionally funny... in other words: normal websites).

Each section lists the best websites for that topic's category. Sometimes we'll throw in even one or two off-topic ones, just because we didn't know where to put it, or because our webmaster was too lazy or "distracted" at the time. You can notify us of any errors.

We hope that by combining serious and funny stuff, the experience will be more enjoyable than just having to browse through serious resources, and more useful compared to just spending time looking at cartoons and lolcats.


For suggestions and comments, feel free to contact us