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an eclectic collection of sites...(you can do almost anything on the web!)

We all have multiple interests and needs.

We might browse the web for fun, and the next moment check our brokerage account online, or read an article on trading and investment. Then jump to an online gift shop to select a present for our best friend. Or do something you wouldn't expect, like a medical test or... finding a bride! Oh, and before we forget, what about looking into a better insurance plan?

We do all kind of things online, and thankfully there are all kind of websites that meet our needs.
Soon we will post a sample of websites that demonstrate how (almost) anything can be done online

Then there are the search engines. We all know Google, but what about the less known ones? Here is a list compiled by the Cartoonista team:

facts and news on cartoons and cartoonists



Editorial Cartoons

Political Cartoons - illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message in relation to current events or personalities


Cartoonists in animation - how to become a cartoonist
Cartoonists of comic strips
Cartoonists of gag cartoons (single-panel cartoons)
Political cartoonists
Cartoonists of comic books

Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

2009 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning winner was Steve Breen of The San Diego Union-Tribune